Dedicated to Making a Difference

Motivator, Entrepreneur & Keynote Speaker

Chris Starkey is a self-branding motivator.  He has provided speaking and coaching experiences for small and large companies all over the country. His unique high impact style has created a Self-Branding opportunity that he shares with business-minded individuals who truly need to go to a celebrity status in their own field.

In his coaching sessions, he will take companies through that process and manage every step.  In a speaking platform, he discusses the reason why this will leverage your job and keep your company ahead of the “curve”.  Chris started his businesses with $1,000 in the bank in 2000 and now in 2020, he owns four businesses that amass over $30 million annually.  His platform has reached 50,000 followers and his videos have been viewed over 20 million times.

He is also known across the country as “The Dance Dad” through his virtual dance off competitions and creative fundraising. With over 15 million video views, Chris has been able to spread his vision of kindness and selfless giving to countless individuals.


Helping Others Express Gratitude